Encouraging independence and self-advocacy while providing individualized services

With one line of code to install, the Web Assistive Technology plug-in helps get better the digital experience for those with disabilities, such as visual impairments, cognitive disorders, dyslexia, and age-related needs. Digital convenience means ensuring the web is available by everyone - a moral and legal vital. we helps brands create inclusive, compliant, and easy to get to experiences.

We understand that each individual comes with a unique set of strengths as well as areas of need. Accessibility advisors are case managers that provide information, support and advocacy for students who face physical, medical, sensory, mental health or learning barriers to education.

Accessibility advisors support students throughout the educational process, encouraging independence and self-advocacy while providing individualized services and accommodations.

We're here to help! Whether you have a known or unknown disability/condition/illness, or if you're experiencing impacts from a trauma, we can help you develop your individualized academic accommodation plan for all components of your academic career.