Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration

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Data plays one of the significant roles in shaping any organization's journey towards success. Data helps leaders to make wiser and smarter decisions about where to take their companies. Managing a large set of data on your premises is a challenging task and can lead to data loss, lesser insights, high cost, and inefficiencies. Legacy systems and applications cannot compete with today's customer-centric technologies like cloud computing.

The ageing data center infrastructure that most businesses rely on today is not efficient or sufficient. It does not have the power needed to process big data or store it. Your critical IT network infrastructure should enable your organization, not throttle your business or the ability to innovate.

Data Center Migration

What We Offer

How can XCLOUD help you in this Migration Journey?

Migration Journey
  • XCLOUD can help you migrate your organization's complete infrastructure to Azure Cloud within a few weeks and zero downtown.
  • We focus primarily on secure architecture while migrating large workloads of data.
  • We provide the tools you need for easy lift & shift of your data and promise a minimal code change environment and your choice of Azure Database destination.
  • We will provide you continual health, performance, and cost management and also provide you with support at every stage of migration.
  • We provide the tools for every stage of the migration process.
Migration Journey
Migrate Infrastructure
Migrate Infrastructure
  • If your company is looking to migrate to Azure, our migration practice helps customers migrate from on-premise VMware/Hyper-V, or other clouds like AWS to a Microsoft Azure Datacentre.
  • We will provide you with Migrating VMware workloads, Configuring backup, and disaster recovery for migrated workloads, Using Azure Stack as a migration target for customers that cannot migrate to the public cloud.
  • We help you in the process of deciding the right virtual machines family and size, with the correct availability options, which is an important value-add.
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